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ΤΟVΛ Signature Body Cleanse 16.9 oz.

ΤΟVΛ Signature Body Cleanse 16.9 oz.

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Rejuvenate and refresh your skin and senses with the gentle cleansing power of ΤΟVΛ Signature Body Cleanse Shower Gel. Formulated with botanical ingredients including cornflower extract and sea fennel to cleanse, moisturize, hydrate, and condition while gently kissing your skin with the clean fresh top notes of TOVA Signature. The concentrated formula will foam and bloom with scent as you smooth over skin.

How do I use it: Pump approximately a dime-size amount into palm of hand and smooth over skin from the neck down. Apply daily for best results or as needed. You may also add to running water for bath use.



  • 16.9-fl oz ΤΟVΛ Signature Body Cleanse Shower Gel
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