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Tova Personalized

Signature Solid Perfume Compact

Signature Solid Perfume Compact

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Designed to discreetly tuck away in carrying bags, the ΤΟVΛ® Signature Solid Perfume compact elegantly delivers perfume for on-the-go moments and fragrance touch-ups. The smooth emollient base dissipates into the skin, without residue, providing the pure essential oils and the clean, fresh fragrant bloom of ΤΟVΛ® Signature.

 ΤΟVΛ® Signature is a linear scent that exudes clean sensuality with notes of Calabrian Bergamot, Jasmine Absolut, Lavender Provence, East Indian Sandalwood and Aphrodisiac Musk.

 Appropriate for women of all ages.

 Apply solid perfume by swirling a dab onto pulse points of neck, wrists, behind the ear, decolette or wherever you feel a heartbeat.



  • .08 oz ΤΟVΛ® Signature Solid Perfume
  • Cannot Ship Internationally
  • Made in United States
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