Eau de Parfum Discovery Collection

Experience four favorite ΤΟVΛ® Eau de Parfum scents! This special Collection includes a 1.0 oz bottle of Signature, Nights, Turquoise and Nirvana in a Collection Gift Box - a scent for every mood and moment. 

Whether used to discover your favorite scents, for travel or to share as a gift, enjoy the long lasting yet never over-powering beauty of ΤΟVΛ® scents.

Appropriate for women of all ages, to apply spray a halo of fragrance around you and let the mist naturally settle on your hair and skin for best wear.

ΤΟVΛ® Signature Eau de Parfum: A timeless, classic yet modern scent that exudes clean sensuality while alluring the senses with its clean, fresh and softly feminine floral tones. Immediately feel a lift as you inhale the crisp, clean top notes of Calabrian Bergamot that seamlessly blends into the heart notes of Jasmine Absolut and Lavender Provence enveloping you with an ever feminine touch of luxurious florals. Transcending delicately into the warm, balancing Base notes of East Indian Sandalwood and Aphrodisiac Musk capturing romance. A unique and captivating fragrance, unlike any other, is still made in a traditional fragrance method- using the highest quality of botanical essential oils, with an above average percentage of essential oils (28.5%) and a 3 month maturation period before it is bottled. ΤΟVΛ® Signature is a Fine Fragrance that will not only last but also turn heads!

ΤΟVΛ® Nights Eau de Parfum: Passionate, provocative, ΤΟVΛ® Nights Eau de Parfum is a playful, seductive fragrance that captures elegance, mystery and endless romance. Beautiful Top notes of white Lily, fresh Violet leaves and dewy greens capture the effervescence of champagne tickling your nose. Heart notes of Lilac, white Peonies and purple passion Roses blend to exude romantic femininity with their soft, playful notes that are balanced and blended by seductive Base notes of Patchouli, East Indian Sandalwood and aphrodisiac Musk.  An award winning fragrance, ΤΟVΛ® Nights will allure with its seductive beauty. Never overpowering yet long lasting, with ΤΟVΛ® Nights will leave your presence in the minds of those you have just left as a subtle, captivating reminder.  A FiFi Award winning Women’s Fragrance of the Year.

ΤΟVΛ® Turquoise Eau de Parfum:  Capture the symphony of beauty, love and brilliance of Spring in TOVA Turquoise Eau de Parfum. The lilt of Anjou Pear Blossom and dewy greens interplay rhythmically with wild strawberry, Italian Bergamot and sparkling grapefruit at the beginning of the melody. Soon the heart notes of Wild Jasmine, Song of Norway Iris, Lavender flower and River Beauty Orchid rejoice and stir the soul, attaining rhapsodic ecstasy with the thrilling base notes of birch and sandalwoods, hearty musk and resonant vanilla bean. Composed in pure brilliant blue to represent the highest aspirations of the heart's true desires.

ΤΟVΛ® Nirvana Eau de Parfum: Travel through a sensory feast of the exotic beauty of the East, with notes of warm, rhythmic tones intertwined with vivid colors of spice and vivacious florals as chaos connects with calm to experience perfect harmony.  Composed on botanical fragrance oils, the notes of ΤΟVΛ® Nirvana mirror the many splendors of the Eastern experience. Warm, spicy top notes of White Pepper and Nutmeg are tempered by the cool, sweet tones of Lychee and Ylang Ylang. A vibrant bouquet of Freesia, Jasmine, Violet, Rose and Green Tea comprise the beating heart notes. Capture the warmth and richness of the Eastern culture with the invitation to embrace the seductive calm of base notes of Patchouli, East Indian Sandalwood, Ebony and Rosewood. Letting go is a true pathway to self-realization, an extraordinary feeling of wholeness that is captured with a single word-  Nirvana.

  • 1.0 fl-oz ΤΟVΛ® Signature eau de Parfum
  • 1.0 fl-oz ΤΟVΛ® Nights Eau de Parfum
  • 1.0 fl-oz ΤΟVΛ® Turquoise Eau de Parfum
  • 1.0 fl-oz ΤΟVΛ® Nirvana Eau de Parfum
  • Made in United States
  • Cannot ship to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Alaska, Guam, U.S.V.I or Internationally

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