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Cactine Emollient, 1.0 oz

Cactine Emollient, 1.0 oz

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An intensive moisturizing treatment used to aid in preserving and protecting youthful skin resiliency, this highly concentrated formula replenishes the skin with nutrients and moisture lost during the day, provides protection against dry skin and age lines while stimulating age-reversal appearance.

Use nightly after cleansing skin or apply directly to dry skin.

  • Natural and Botanical Cruelty-free with natural ingredients derived from 4 Cacti plants to maximize benefits.
  • Rich in Antioxidants of Vitamin A ,B, C, D and E These neutralize free-radicals, protect against future cellular damage and pre-mature aging while increasing the skin’s ability to balance moisture levels and nourish the skin. They aid in providing smooth skin, new cell growth and a healthy, luminous glow to skin.
  • Contains Flavonoids As a natural anti-inflammatory, provides protection from inflammation that damages Collagen and reduces the appearance of redness or blotchiness.
  • Acts as a natural based moisture binder Quenches the skin with moisture and maintains balance, just enough for your skin type. Provides superior rehydration, giving skin better texture while smoothing fine lines.
  • Soothes and promotes healing of damaged skin Naturally calms damaged or agitated skin and protects the epidermis (outer layer of skin) from damage. Even the most sensitive skin may benefit from its properties.


  • Made in the United States
  • Contains 1.0 oz/30ml Emollient.

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