Try ΤΟVΛ® Eau de Parfum Mini Sampler Gift Set

Whether for yourself to experience different ΤΟVΛ® fine fragrances or as a delectable gift of classic and timeless Eau de Parfum elegance, this "Try ΤΟVΛ®" Eau de Parfum gift set is sure to please. Packaged in a gift box you will find a .5 oz Eau de Parfum of our legendary Signature, intoxicating Nights and enlivening Body, Mind & Spirit®. 

ΤΟVΛ® Signature Eau de Parfum is a classic but modern fragrance that exudes clean sensuality with crisp Calabrian Bergamot, precious Jasmine Absolute, Lavender Provence, sensuous East Indian Sandalwood and Hypnotic aphrodisiac Musk. Opening notes are clean and fresh which bloom into a soft, feminine floral bouquet then transcends into the balancing base tones. Never overpowering, always alluring. 

ΤΟVΛ® Nights Eau de Parfum is passionate, provocative, a fragrance of elegance, mystery and endless romance.  A timeless and ageless scent that captivates and allures. Flirtatious top notes of Bosc Pear, white Lily, fresh Violet leaves and dewy green notes blend with effervescent middle notes of Jasmine Absolut, Iris, Lilac, white Peonies and Purple Passion Roses balanced by seductive base notes of Patchouli, East Indian Sandalwood and Musk.

ΤΟVΛ® Body, Mind & Spirit® is a Eau de Parfum fragrance that captures the free-spirited nature of every woman who uses scent as the outer expression of her inner radiance, joy and confidence. Providing an effervescent feeling of radiant joy are the top notes of living osmanthus, white cloud rose and apricot. The sense of adventure, energy and playfulness is captured by middle notes of muget, jasmine and heliotrope. Creating the sense of warmth, confident seduction and inhibition are the base notes of sandalwood, musk and amber. An uplifting and lively bouquet that is a fresh, modern and uninhibited scent.

  • .5 fl oz ΤΟVΛ® Signature Eau de Parfum
  • .5 fl oz ΤΟVΛ® Nights Eau de Parfum
  • .5 fl oz ΤΟVΛ® Body, Mind & Spirit® Eau de Parfum
  • Made in UK and US
  • Cannot ship to PO Boxes or International 


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