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Tova Personalized

Solid Perfume Pencil Collection

Solid Perfume Pencil Collection

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Making fragrance fun and fabulous! Discover a new way to wear fragrance whenever and wherever you want. The ΤΟVΛ® 3-Piece Perfume Pencil Set lavishes the senses with Signature, Nights and Body, Mind & Spirit® in a solid perfume that glides smoothly on skin leaving a kiss of scent. These portable perfume pencils are perfectly designed for your daily travels and writing your scent signature.


ΤΟVΛ® Signature Perfume Pencil exudes a fresh, clean sensuality with notes of Calabrian Bergamot, Jasmine Absolut, Lavender Provence, East Indian Sandalwood and Aphrodisiac Musk.


ΤΟVΛ® Nights is a playfully seductive fragrance that captures elegance, mystery and endless romance.  The scent is composed of notes of fresh florals, dewy greens, warm woods and Aphrodisiac Musk.


ΤΟVΛ® Body, Mind & Spirit® is inspired by the warm heart, endless creativity and joyful spirit of today’s woman. A playful yet vivacious scent will lift the spirit with its sheer, natural and effervescent bouquet of Living Osmanthus, White Cloud Rose and juicy Apricot intertwined with spicy Heliotrope and Amber that expresses inner radiance.


Appropriate for women of all ages.

Each perfume pencil lasts approximately 3 months with daily use.

 To Apply: Choose your scent of the day and glide pencil over skin at pulse points of behind the wrist, neck, behind ears, decolette or where the heart beats. Pencils may be worn alone, layered or as a fragrance touch-up throughout the day.



  • .11 oz ΤΟVΛ® Signature Perfume Pencil
  • .11 oz ΤΟVΛ® Nights Perfume Pencil
  • .11 oz ΤΟVΛ® Body, Mind & Spirit® Perfume Pencil
  • Made in United States
  • Cannot Ship Internationally, Guam, P.R., or V.I 
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