Cactine Discovery Trio Collection


Discover TOVA® Cactine® Skincare, powered by our patented botanical Cactine1® Cactus blend found in the three fundamentals of the TOVA® Cactine® Skincare system. From cleansing to moisturizing indulge in a home spa experience leaving you with a more radiant appearance. Collection includes Cactine® Facial Cleanser, Cactine® CelRenual Moisturizing Cream and the Cactine® Masque.


For all skin types.


TOVA® Cactine® Facial Cleanser: The first step to skin health starts with cleansing. The TOVA® Cactine® Facial Cleanser introduces your skin to the hydrating and soothing effects of Cactus driven skincare. Powered by TOVA®’s patented Cactine1® cactus blend, this refreshing  cleanser is antioxidant dense and moisturizing rich. Aids in removing impurities, make-up and other surface debris without stripping or drying skin.


How To Use: Use cleanser twice daily, morning and evening. Apply a pea sized amount onto damp hands and lather. Massage onto the face and neck then rinse with warm water. May also be used with cleansing devices.


TOVA ® Cactine® CelRenual Moisturizing Cream: Enriched with soothing Cactus, antioxidants,  CoQ10, exfolliants and Hyaluronic Acid to deliver daily hydration and skin conditioning. This advanced ingredient delivery system is rich in botanical antioxidants and vitamins including Cranberry Seed Oil, Orange Peel Oil, Bilberry Seed Oil and Rosemary Leaf Extract. The CelRenual Cream is powered with Cactine1®, a patented formulation blend of Cactus plants that aids in calming, soothing and hydrating the skin while diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.


How To Use: Use twice daily in morning and evening after cleansing skin. Pump one dab of cream on fingertips, gently smooth over face and neck. May be used alone or over the TOVA® Cactine® CelRenual Serum.


TOVA® Cactine® Masque: For your home spa treatment to your Red Carpet moments, TOVA® Cactine® Masque will help restore your natural beauty and glow. Powered with TOVA®’s patented, Cactus driven Cactine1® to deeply moisturize and hydrate the skin in an advanced delivery system with added benefits of  exfoliants, antioxidants and brightners to leave your skin looking supple, smooth, balanced and refreshed.

How To Use:  After cleansing and drying skin, place a pea size amount of masque on fingers and smooth over the face and neck in an upward motion. Leave masque on for approximately 10 minutes – the masque is ready to remove once it turns white and is no longer damp. Gently wipe off with lukewarm water and cloth. Use 1-2 times per week.


  • 1.0 fl-oz TOVA® Cactine® Facial Cleanser
  • 1.0 fl-oz TOVA® Cactine® CelRenual Moisturizing Cream
  • 1.0 fl-oz TOVA® Cactine® Masque
  • Free of Parabens and Artificial fragrances
  • Made in United States
  • Cannot ship Internationally




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