Cactine® Beauty Bar, 2 Soap Duo

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The secret of Cactine® was handed down through generations of Aztecs and Mayans living in Mexico’s most arid regions. TOVA® brought Cactine® to America and around the world, where chemists have proved the magic to be revolutionary. This product promotes healthy skin for all skin types, adds nourishment, brightens skin tone and helps correct damage caused by the environment and time. Just as the cactus cannot only live but thrives in the harsh environment of the desert, so can your skin. All of our Cactine® Skincare includes Cactine1® derived from Cactus.

  • All Natural and Botanical

                   Cruelty free with all natural ingredients derived from the roots of four cacti plants.

  • Rich in vitamins A, D, C and E

                    These vitamins increase the skin’s ability to balance moisture levels and nourish the skin. They aid in providing smooth skin, new cell growth and a healthy, luminous glow to the skin.

  • Acts as a natural based moisture binder

                     Feeds the skin with moisture, just enough for your skin type. Provides superior rehydration giving skin a better texture while smoothing fine lines.

  • Soothes and promotes healing of damaged skin

                      Cactus survives in the harshest of elements. With its ability to maintain moisture,  the Cactine® ingredient promotes the healing of damaged skin;  Calms skin suffering from sunburn or agitation. Even the most sensitive skin can benefit from its properties.

                                                Cactine® Skincare….your Oasis  To Skin Vitality


  • Made in Mexico
  • Net Weight 3.0 oz per Bar
  • As this is a handmade natural soap, do not leave your Cactine® Beauty Bar resting in water.

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