Tova Borgnine on QVCUK September 3 & 4! September 02 2020

Join Tova Borgnine on QVCUK with our ΤΟVΛ®  Brand Ambassador, Debbie Flett on Thursday, 3 September and Friday, 4 September!

Tune into the ΤΟVΛ®  Beauty hours for the return of ΤΟVΛ®  Handsome Pour Homme Cologne, our once a year available ΤΟVΛ®  Signature Autumn Eau de Parfum and much more!

Add some sparkle to your day (or evening) with new ΤΟVΛ®  Diamonique Jewellery pieces and the return of some best-selling designs that had sold out!

Thursday, 3 September: (all times in UK time zone)

  2:00 pm ΤΟVΛ®  Diamonique Jewellery Hour

  4:00 pm ΤΟVΛ®  Beauty Hour

  8:00 pm ΤΟVΛ®  Diamonique Jewellery Hour

Friday, 4 September:

  2:00 pm ΤΟVΛ®  Beauty Hour

  6:00 pm ΤΟVΛ®  Collection Hour (Beauty & Jewellery)

  10:00 pm ΤΟVΛ®  Diamonique Jewellery Hour